At our OMS offices in Crystal Lake, Lake Geneva, Huntley, and Burlington, we know that continuing education is critical. We look forward to our upcoming implant seminar at the end of September to review the latest restorative choices for dental implants.

It has been over 50 years since professor Branemark placed the first root form implant. Over the years, this unique procedure has become an integral part of the oral surgery practice. Choices in design and material have advanced considerably, and research continually brings improvements.

Our offices are sponsoring this upcoming seminar as well as an integrated wellness experience for all attending. We are featuring guest speaker Wael Garine, DDS, clinical assistant professor at University of Rochester, NY, who will present past restoration choices, discuss current techniques in implant dentistry, and will also explore future trends.

Staying abreast of current issues and trends is important to us. We strive for an optimal level of knowledge and experience, in order to give the best oral surgery experience to all of our patients.

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