September is around the corner, and summer has flown by – did you forget to make an appointment for removal of wisdom teeth?  It’s not too late to look ahead in your schedule and plan now for times when students are on break.

The optimal time to remove wisdom teeth is in the mid-teenage years, before the roots have fully developed.  This makes for less discomfort and a faster recovery time.  The good news is that removal of wisdom teeth is an outpatient procedure, which is routinely done in our office with the patient under intravenous sedation.

School breaks are a good time to schedule the appointment, as students can be home for a couple of days to easily recover. Wisdom teeth can push out and start moving the existing teeth, often undoing expensive orthodontic work.  They are often impacted, with a flap of gum and bone covering the tooth.  Bits of food and bacteria can become trapped, causing swelling and low grade infection, or pericoronitis. This causes pain, and is one of the most common reasons people need their wisdom teeth taken out.

Don’t wait for next summer, especially if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. Call any of our office locations if you have questions, or to schedule an appointment for fall break now!

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