The Academy of Osseointegration recently celebrated their 30th anniversary with an annual meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Richard attended the meeting, along with staff members Tracey Hein, Allison Hoffmeyer, Jill Kastning, Kayla Kazimour, Cortnee Koop, Katy O’Brien, Missy Pintozzi, and Lindsey Severson.

What is osseointegration? It is the process that occurs when bone cells attach themselves to a titanium surface – such as the base of a dental implant. Because the cells bond to the metal, osseointegrated implants can support tooth replacements, offering a natural appearance that feels, acts and looks like real teeth.

This organization is known for its conferences, featuring world-renowned speakers and cutting-edge presentations. Internationally acclaimed, The Academy provides excellence in education and development of dental implant technology and clinical/surgical practice.

By participating in such events, the OMS offices of Crystal Lake, Lake Geneva, Huntley and Burlington keep up to date on the latest techniques, bringing a standard of excellent to our practice and to our patients.

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